2.9.2022: We finally got our ISO 13485 certificate from URS.

4.6.2022: From now we can save images/videos to DICOM format and store it to PACS system (Orthanc for example).

24.5.2022: We exhibited at ENT congress Wroclaw, it was not planned but the impression is great, thanks to all!

4.4.2022: Meet us at ENT conferences: 8-10.6 in Brno, 21–23.9 in Graz, 27–29.10 in Mannheim.

18.12.2021: GDT 3.0 support added to our software


For instant support please use chat icon in bottom-right corner. With more complex questions please contact us by email. We answer in 24 hours.

Contact Info:

  • Kettex Development s.r.o.
  • Pod vodárenskou věží 4, Prague
  • Czech Republic
  • E-mail:
  • Cell phone: +420 728 526 720

Machida Fiberoscopes & Portable Light Source

We distribute flexible nasopharyngoscopes/laryngoscopes from well known company Machida. These have excelent build and provide clear image.

We have in distribution these items:
1) ENT-30PC - Standard nasopharyngoscopes diam 3.2mm
2) ENT-30FC - Pediatric nasopharyngoscopes diam 2.1mm
3) RLED-30 - Portable light source

We have captured 2 videos from ENT-30PC and ENT-30FC together with RLED-30 and our camera KX-01 to demonstrate the quality of the image and quality of our fibroscopic grid correction.

Machida ENT-30FC diam 2.1mm
Machida ENT-30PC diam 3.2mm