Video endoscopy system from Kettex Development

We are producers of USB endoscopic cameras for diagnostic purposes. Our cameras provide superb images. And our concept Cam-PC allows us to use PC to deliver unique features and employ AI with ease.


For instant support please use chat icon in bottom-right corner. With more complex questions please contact us by email. We answer in 24 hours.

Contact Info:

  • Kettex Development s.r.o.
  • Pod vodárenskou věží 4, Prague
  • Czech Republic
  • E-mail:
  • Cell phone: +420 728 526 720

Video endoscopy system from Kettex Development

We offer the demonstration of system capabilities for free - we can show you how simple, easy to use and friendly is our system. You can check the quality of the images and videos. If you are interested in the demonstration please contact me directly.

Mobile System

Our system is not bounded to the AIO touch computer from DELL. You can use our system with any suitable PC or notebook. We can offer you even different types of cameras and couplers, that will fit your needs best. Contact me with your requirements.

Integration to your documentation system

The system is designed to save videos and images to the selected folder and the subfolder name is equal to Patients ID. So the data are easily accessible and well distinguished. You can backup the data the easist way - just copy them to your backup disc. There are no complex expensive databases so there are no hidden fees. Almost every documentation system allows you to attach image into it.


Our videoendoscopy system is designed for dignostics and use in clinics or medical offices only, not for operation rooms.